quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016

What up peepz? Hahah today I bring you a band that is not very well knowned and criticized a lot. However, I really like they're songs and I think they deserve some recognition. I'm talking about In This Moment, whose front singer is a hot girl (Maria Brink). I personally think it brings interest and spice to the music (she has an amazing voice actually) and also the looks of the band. A lot of people blame the fact that she is the front singer for they´re fame, but I don't agree, as I said, they have really kickass songs! If you don´t know them yet, check them out! My favourite songs are `Whore' 'Blood' and 'Adrenalize'.

Hi guys,
So today I was watching some of the concerts of this awesome festival in Germany, Rock am Ring. All of the big bands go there, as well as the smaller ones, and they all perfome amazing shows. So, I was left thinking...why not save some cash and go o a trip next year to Germany, just to atend the festival? I know it's crazy but it would be an amazing adventure! I´m sure I would have a blast and also meet a lot of cool metal people! Something to think about hun?
Check this year's (awesome) lineup here: http://www.rock-am-ring.com/bands
There aren't enough festivals dedicated to rock and metal I tell'ya!

Alright so let me first tell you how everything began; I was searching for a website or something that could keep me updated on my favorite artists, but because metal is such a subculture I couldn't find anything i liked. So, I decided to make my own thing! So here you go metalheads, your very own Rock Diary where the topic is exacly what you love; Music ;)